Woodies Vegan Options
At Woodies we have a range of options for our Vegan customers, and happy to mix and match
Always looking for input from our customers on what they would like to see on the menu, and what alternatives there are (thanks to you we have managed to get some great additions for all to try)
Also - call in or phone us to chat about what may be on as a special that day 
Current Vegan options on the menu include:
-  Sausages including Cheesie Leekie, Butternut Squash and Linda Mcartney
-  Burgers including Bangkok Bad Boy (Lime and Coriander), Beetroot and Quinoa and Spicy Bean Burger
-  Salad made from any of our fresh ingredients of the day
-  Fresh jacket potato's cooked every day
-  Sandwich and Baguettes, choosing from a range of our fillings
-  Mix and match anything off our full menu (for example have our breakfast but with Vegan sausages, extra tomato's and beans etc)
-  Cake ; currently Date and Chocolate slice (and looking to add to this range)
-  Vitalite Spread as an alternative
-  Soy and Almond Milk to have with your drinks
Woodies Healthy Menu Specials
All available to eat in or take out (all take out’s come with a free drink)
Healthier Options (or so you can treat yourself to a delicious desert afterwards)
Skinny Chicken Burger £5
Grilled Chicken Breast, served in a Bun and with Salad and low fat dressing
Vegetarian Sausage and Mash £5
Vegetarian Sausages, Mashed Potato, Gravy and Peas (or other veg)
Healthy Breakfast £5.50
2 Slices of trimmed thick back Bacon, 2 Poached Eggs, Heinz Baked Beans, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and extra thick Brown Toast
Grilled Chicken Kebab £5
Lightly marinated in Mediterranean herbs and served with Rice and Salad
Homemade Soup £3.50
Ask for today’s choice, served with a fresh Baguette
Or, from our Regular Menu:
Omelette / Jacket Potato / Cereals or Porridge / Smoothies / Fruit / Salad
Or change your Sandwich / Panini / Baguette for a Bagel or Wrap
Ask if you want to swop any ingredients on a meal (e.g. chips for a jacket)